Camerata Silesia

  • Camerata Silesia – The Katowice City Singers’ Ensemble
  • 08/10/2014, at: 19:00
  • Price: 20–30 PLN
  • Evangelical Church
fot. P. Chlipalski camerata-silesia

Camerata Silesia – The Katowice City Singers’ Ensemble, founded in 1990 by Anna Szostak, is a team of vocalists, who sing in a chamber cast and perform solo parts for vocal and instrumental music as well as in a choral repertoire a capella. In a short time Camerata Silesia has become the most instantly recognizable Polish ensemble specializing in performance of both early and contemporary music. The singers’ unusual technical efficiency, along with an emission and intonation appropriate to the early music performance canon, has attracted the attention of both critics and composers. The former have been generous with praise while the latter have composed pieces specifically for Camerata, dedicating them to various singers and to a lady conductor, who were all specially sought out for first performances of these pieces.