The texts below take part in the musical event review competition run within the festival. The campaign is directed at junior high school and high school students (excerpts of the best reviews are presented).


Pola Górecka
F. Chopin 1st Step General Education Music High School no. 2 in Wrocław
The mosaic in Alice Blue colour / 29. Musica Polonica Nova
The Blue Alice

The instruments were creaking as if someone were moving the old unoiled door for fun – the character of the works was aggressive. One time the sounds reminded the jungle, another time they were similar to the war sounds. At moments they were quick in order to become slow in a minute. One time they were like from a crime, the second time like from a horror (although mild and calm moments also appeared). One can say that it was varied.


Maja Tarczyńska
F. Chopin 1st Step General Education Music High School no. 2 in Wrocław
The Rain Forrests – Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil / 29. Musica Polonica Nova
The Rain of applause

The Rain Forrests by Grażyna Pstrokońska-Nawratil is an absolute phenomenon of the evening. Mysterious melody, sounds of the western concert flute along with the piccolo flute and surprising, full of contrasts dynamic, strongly tickled audience’s fancy. The work was awarded with massive standing ovation that it truly deserved.


Patrycja Białko
R. Bukowski 2nd Step Music School in Wrocław
Asasello, Behemot and Koroviov with a visit in The Mokrzański Forrest / 29. Musica Polonica Nova
Understanding contemporary music

The work The Scenes from Bulhakov by Jan Kornowicz fully conveys the atmosphere of the Russian novel The Master and Margarita. Joy mixes up with sorrow, love becomes the unity with hatred, fear is stifled by courage. The composer plays with listener’s imagination with the help of sounds. Brass instruments annunciate the approaching danger. The episodes of the piano, violin and flute are apparently calm and “safe” parts. We are not able to predict the next twist of actions. Like in a night dream. The work illustrates steady anxiety and presence of evil forces in “The Master”.


Jan Zieliński
F. Chopin 1st Step General Education Music High School no. 2 in Wrocław
The Flute Concert – Paweł Mykietyn / 29. Musica Polonica Nova
The feast of impressions

The work in its structure is varied, curious and intriguing. It includes lyrical and impulsive moments. With the companionship of The Wrocław Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra Agata Kielar – Długosz and Łukasz Długosz created the beautifully sounding and going deep with people duo. That piece of music was the only work representing the movement of absolute music. It contrasted to the other works presented at the concerts, then.


Julia Leniart
F. Chopin 1st Step General Education Music High School no. 2 in Wrocław
IN-OUT-UP-DOWN / 29. Musica Polonica Nova
The best of the best

The most important point of the concert was the performance of an incredibly charismatic pianist Mateusz Borowiak. In The Piano Concert by Andrzej Panufnik young instrumentalist astounded everybody with his virtuosity and the outstanding executive technique. Impressive is also the fact that having a quite “deaf” piano he elicited from it the sound full of glamour, the perfect one for the contemporary work.


Jakub Soliński
Junior High School no. 50 in Wrocław
The Concert of The National Forum of Music Choir / National Forum of Music

In the varied and very curious repertoire of the choir we have heard the alternative versions of religious songs associated with the period of the church called post-Easter. The multivocal and powerful Gloria and Kyrie elevated emotions and spirituality. The whole did not have religious character, though. Among many, the audience could listen to the story about a young cowboy performed astonishingly by the choir and a soloist. I was pleased by a famous song Killing me softly by Roberty Flack. (…) I have no doubts about the appraisal of the concert – wonderful. Pure sound, steady rhythm, great dynamic – for sure these are fruit of hard work. The award granted to The Wrocław Choir by BBC Music Magazine was not a coincidence.

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