Ryoji Ikeda

  • "datamatics [ver.2.0]" - Ryoji Ikeda
  • 07/10/2014, at: 20:30
  • Price: 20–30 PLN
  • Impart

Ryoji Ikeda is one of the most important composers of electronic music. In his works he combines audio engineering work with visual effects. Within the Wrocław performance he will present the new opening of his project which has been lasting for almost 10 years – datamatics [ver 2.0]. During that event the artist will use pure digital data as a source of creating both sound and vision. datamatics [ver 2.0] is the exploring of the potential of invisible and multiobjective data which infiltrate our world and representation of them in tangible for us audio and visual form.

Collaboration with Avant Art Festival