Sławomir Kupczak

  • "Symphony no. 2 for 100 Motorcycles" - Sławomir Kupczak
  • 11/10/2014, at: 16:00
  • Price: 0 PLN
  • Zielińskiego Square (old marketplace)

“Symphony no. 2 for 100 Motorcycles”Sławomir Kupczak
The Symphony no. 2 for 100 Motorcycles by a Wroclavian composer Sławomir Kupczak is an unusual event whose premiere is set on 11th of October. The role of musicians will be played by motorcyclists, the role of instruments – by their motorcycles, from the simplest models through sportbikes to the motorcycles of a cult brand Harley-Davidson. They will be accompanied by Polish legendary guitarist, leader and founder of the TSA & Złe Psy band – Andrzej Nowak, on drums Dominik Stankiewicz and stunter Mateusz Kędziora. The coordination of motorcycles is managed by The Academic Motorcycle Club APANONAR.

Agata Władyczka
e-mail: agata.wladyczka@worldmusicdays2014.pl
www: Akademicki Klub Motorowy APANONAR

Funded in part by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the programme Collections with the priority Compositional Commissions, realized by the Institute of Music and Dance


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